14 Shocking Photos To Prove The Devastating Harmful Effects Of Drug Abuse. You Will Never Do Drugs After Seeing #13

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Methamphetamine is an illegal drug and is also known by its other names like Crystal meth, crank, chalk or speed. It is also known on the street as ice or glass.

This drug targets the central nervous system and leads to high addiction. However, the body generates a quick tolerance for this drug, leading to drug abusers desiring more and more of this harmful substance.

It is a dangerous and potent chemical and can lead to memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior, potential heart and brain damage. Abusers can also have illusions of parasites or insects crawling under the skin which leads them to severe scratching, often causing irreversible skin damage.

Rehabs.com, a nationwide directory of rehabilitation centers, put together the following photos to send a strong message of what this harmful drugs can do to any young, beautiful individual over a short period of time.

Keep clicking above and share this message with your friends or family to spread awareness of how this drug can seriously damage lives.

In the photo below, you see how Jordan was robbed of her youth and beauty from just 2 years of Meth abuse. Photos from 23 to 25 years old

Credits: Rehab.com


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