12 Awesome Foot Tattoos That Are Superbly Creative. You Will Want To Get #9!

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Foot tattoos are notorious. Not that it is hard to tattoo on but foot tattoos are usually painful and takes a long time to heal. You can’t wear your shoes for weeks after a foot tattoo! Thus,  people who go for foot tattoo usually plan carefully, like not choosing winter season or a busy time to do the tattoo.

We can presume,  that given all the complications, one would plan very carefully the design of the tattoo. And sure they did! In this article, we bring you some of the most awesome foot tattoos. Some of these tattoos are down right creative, some are retro, some are reflection of love for their favorite childhood characters and some are just plain cute. Whatever it is, we hope you will enjoy the below 12 Awesome photos of foot tattoos that will blow your imagination right open!

In the first photo below, this guy always wanted a pair of converse shoes day and night. His dreams came true.

Converse Shoes tattoo

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